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// ZoneMinder Monitor Class Interfaces, $Date: 2006/11/16 11:34:53 $, $Revision: 1.59 $
// Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006  Philip Coombes
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
// as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
// of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
// Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

#ifndef ZM_MONITOR_H
#define ZM_MONITOR_H

#include <sys/time.h>

static struct timezone dummy_tz; // To avoid declaring pointless one each time we use gettimeofday

#include "zm_coord.h"
#include "zm_image.h"
#include "zm_zone.h"
#include "zm_camera.h"

// This is the main class for monitors. Each monitor is associated
// with a camera and is effectivaly a collector for events.
class Monitor
      typedef enum
      } Purpose;

      typedef enum
      } Function;

      typedef enum
      } Orientation;

      typedef enum
      } State;

      typedef enum { GET_SETTINGS=0x1, SET_SETTINGS=0x2, RELOAD=0x4, SUSPEND=0x10, RESUME=0x20 } Action;

      typedef struct
            int size;
            bool valid;
            bool active;
            bool signal;
            State state;
            int last_write_index;
            int last_read_index;
            time_t last_image_time;
            int last_event;
            int action;
            int brightness;
            int hue;
            int colour;
            int contrast;
            int alarm_x;
            int alarm_y;
            char control_state[256];
      } SharedData;

      typedef enum { TRIGGER_CANCEL, TRIGGER_ON, TRIGGER_OFF } TriggerState;
      typedef struct
            int size;
            TriggerState trigger_state;
            int trigger_score;
            char trigger_cause[32];
            char trigger_text[256];
            char trigger_showtext[256];
      } TriggerData;

      typedef struct Snapshot
            struct timeval    *timestamp;
            Image *image;

      class MonitorLink
            int                     id;
            char              name[64];

            bool              connected;
            time_t                  last_connect_time;

            int                     shm_id;
            int                     shm_size;
            unsigned char     *shm_ptr;

            SharedData        *shared_data;
            TriggerData       *trigger_data;

            int                     last_state;
            int                     last_event;

            MonitorLink( int p_id, const char *p_name );

            inline int Id() const
                  return( id );
            inline const char *Name() const
                  return( name );

            inline bool isConnected() const
                  return( connected );
            inline time_t getLastConnectTime() const
                  return( last_connect_time );

            bool connect();
            bool disconnect();

            bool isAlarmed();
            bool inAlarm();
            bool hasAlarmed();

      // These are read from the DB and thereafter remain unchanged
      int                     id;
      char              name[64];
      Function          function;               // What the monitor is doing
      bool              enabled;                // Whether the monitor is enabled or asleep
      unsigned int    width;                    // Normally the same as the camera, but not if partly rotated
      unsigned int    height;                   // Normally the same as the camera, but not if partly rotated
      Orientation       orientation;            // Whether the image has to be rotated at all
      int                     brightness;             // The statically saved brightness of the camera
      int                     contrast;               // The statically saved contrast of the camera
      int                     hue;                    // The statically saved hue of the camera
      int                     colour;                       // The statically saved colour of the camera
      char              event_prefix[64]; // The prefix applied to event names as they are created
      char              label_format[64]; // The format of the timestamp on the images
      Coord             label_coord;            // The coordinates of the timestamp on the images
      int                     image_buffer_count; // Size of circular image buffer, at least twice the size of the pre_event_count
      int                     warmup_count;           // How many images to process before looking for events
      int                     pre_event_count;  // How many images to hold and prepend to an alarm event
      int                     post_event_count; // How many unalarmed images must occur before the alarm state is reset
      int                     section_length;         // How long events should last in continuous modes
      int                     frame_skip;             // How many frames to skip in continuous modes
      int                     capture_delay;          // How long we wait between capture frames
      int                     alarm_capture_delay;// How long we wait between capture frames when in alarm state
      int                     alarm_frame_count;      // How many alarm frames are required before an event is triggered
      int                     fps_report_interval;// How many images should be captured/processed between reporting the current FPS
      int                     ref_blend_perc;         // Percentage of new image going into reference image.
      bool              track_motion;           // Whether this monitor tries to track detected motion 

      double                  fps;
      Image             image;
      Image             ref_image;

      Purpose                 purpose;                // What this monitor has been created to do
      int                     event_count;
      int                     image_count;
      int                     ready_count;
      int                     first_alarm_count;
      int                     last_alarm_count;
      int                     buffer_count;
      int                     prealarm_count;
      State             state;
      time_t                  start_time;
      time_t                  last_fps_time;
      time_t                  auto_resume_time;

      int                     shm_id;
      int                     shm_size;
      unsigned char     *shm_ptr;

      SharedData        *shared_data;
      TriggerData       *trigger_data;

      Snapshot          *image_buffer;

      Camera                  *camera;

      Event             *event;

      int                     n_zones;
      Zone              **zones;

      int                     n_linked_monitors;
      MonitorLink       **linked_monitors;

      Monitor( int p_id, const char *p_name, int p_function, bool p_enabled, const char *p_linked_monitors, Camera *p_camera, int p_orientation, const char *p_event_prefix, const char *p_label_format, const Coord &p_label_coord, int p_image_buffer_count, int p_warmup_count, int p_pre_event_count, int p_post_event_count, int p_alarm_frame_count, int p_section_length, int p_frame_skip, int p_capture_delay, int p_alarm_capture_delay, int p_fps_report_interval, int p_ref_blend_perc, bool p_track_motion, Purpose p_purpose=QUERY, int p_n_zones=0, Zone *p_zones[]=0 );

      void AddZones( int p_n_zones, Zone *p_zones[] );

      inline int ShmValid() const
            return( shared_data->valid );

      inline int Id() const
            return( id );
      inline const char *Name() const
            return( name );
      inline Function GetFunction() const
            return( function );
      inline bool Enabled()
            if ( function <= MONITOR )
                  return( false );
            return( enabled );
      inline const char *EventPrefix() const
            return( event_prefix );
      inline bool Ready()
            if ( function <= MONITOR )
                  return( false );
            return( image_count > ready_count );
      inline bool Active()
            if ( function <= MONITOR )
                  return( false );
            return( enabled && shared_data->active );

      unsigned int Width() const { return( width ); }
      unsigned int Height() const { return( height ); }
      State GetState() const;
      int GetImage( int index=-1, int scale=100 ) const;
      struct timeval GetTimestamp( int index=-1 ) const;
      int GetCaptureDelay() const { return( capture_delay ); }
      int GetAlarmCaptureDelay() const { return( alarm_capture_delay ); }
      unsigned int GetLastReadIndex() const;
      unsigned int GetLastWriteIndex() const;
      unsigned int GetLastEvent() const;
      double GetFPS() const;
      void ForceAlarmOn( int force_score, const char *force_case, const char *force_text="" );
      void ForceAlarmOff();
      void CancelForced();
      TriggerState GetTriggerState() const { return( trigger_data?trigger_data->trigger_state:TRIGGER_CANCEL ); }

      void actionReload();
      void actionEnable();
      void actionDisable();
      void actionSuspend();
      void actionResume();

      int actionBrightness( int p_brightness=-1 );
      int actionHue( int p_hue=-1 );
      int actionColour( int p_colour=-1 );
      int actionContrast( int p_contrast=-1 );

      inline int PrimeCapture()
            return( camera->PrimeCapture() );
      inline int PreCapture()
            return( camera->PreCapture() );
      int PostCapture();

      unsigned int DetectMotion( const Image &comp_image, char *text_ptr=0, size_t text_size=0 );
      bool CheckSignal( const Image *image );
      bool Analyse();
      void DumpImage( Image *dump_image ) const;
      void TimestampImage( Image *ts_image, time_t ts_time ) const;
      bool closeEvent();

      void Reload();
      void ReloadZones();
      void ReloadLinkedMonitors( const char * );

      bool DumpSettings( char *output, bool verbose );
      void DumpZoneImage( const char *zone_string=0 );

      static int LoadLocalMonitors( const char *device, Monitor **&monitors, Purpose purpose=QUERY );
      static int LoadRemoteMonitors( const char *host, const char*port, const char*path, Monitor **&monitors, Purpose purpose=QUERY );
      static int LoadFileMonitors( const char *file, Monitor **&monitors, Purpose purpose=QUERY );
      static Monitor *Load( int id, bool load_zones=false, Purpose purpose=QUERY );
      void StreamImages( int scale=100, int maxfps=10, time_t ttl=0 );
      void StreamImagesRaw( int scale=100, int maxfps=10, time_t ttl=0 );
      void StreamImagesZip( int scale=100, int maxfps=10, time_t ttl=0 );
      void SingleImage( int scale=100 );
      void SingleImageRaw( int scale=100 );
      void SingleImageZip( int scale=100 );
      void StreamMpeg( const char *format, int scale=100, int maxfps=10, int bitrate=100000 );

#endif // ZM_MONITOR_H

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